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Janet Laes

Janet Laes

Meet Janet Laes! Janet (74) shares her life with her daughter, Beth and her son, Eric. She also has four grandchildren, three great grandchildren with another one on the way and we can’t forget her two grand dogs.
Janet’s motivation to begin her journey initially came from her neurologist. They recommended Physical Therapy due to her orthostatic tremor. Then after she completed her therapy, her physical therapist referred her to Bellin Health Fitness at which time she decided to work with a personal trainer.

The obstacles Janet had to overcome were poor strength, balance and endurance. If she stood in place for longer than five minutes her whole body would start to shake and her balance was very bad. It made it hard for her to go shopping and have the stamina to do things around the house. Her goals for working with a personal trainer were to achieve core and leg strength as well as improve her balance.

Bellin Health Fitness played a big role in helping Janet. Her certified Personal Trainer, Katie Schumann, has helped her to strengthen her legs and core with specific exercises and machines. They also work on her balance. All of Janet’s hard work as paid off! She feels that she has had great success from working with Katie.

Working with a personal trainer at Bellin Health Fitness has certainly changed Janet’s life. She is able to do more without sitting to rest. She can also stand for longer periods of time and her balance is getting better too. She definitely plans to continue training with Katie after getting such good results!

When asked, what advice would you give to help others, she replied, “I feel working with a personal trainer at my age is a good thing so you know what exercises to do without injuring yourself.”