As a reminder we have updated our masking and cleaning policies, please be aware of these changes.

  • Temperature checks and masking required when entering the building
  • Masking required during entire workout in our facilities
  • Specific sanitizing of all equipment required

If you have any questions feel free to call one of our centers or discuss with one of our staff.

John Holly

John Holly

John is married to Laura, and they have five children, Brian, Erica, Kevin, Andrew and Nathan. John is a retired Engineer who worked for WPS and the Kewaunee Nuclear Plant. Outside of the fitness center, John likes to play guitar, bike, swim, assist students with math, go to his cottage in Waupaca, watch sports, travel and be a Grandpa.
John was an athlete through college and being fit was important. The fitness attitude stayed with him after competition. In his athlete years excelling in the sport was his motivator and inspiration came from good players like the pros he admired.
John has been a member of Bellin Health Fitness for nine years. He had to overcome some pain and injury issues throughout the years. He had bad knees and a shoulder injury. He had to adjust the training/exercise regimen and go to low impact machines and low impact exercises. After both knee replacements this year, Dr. Conrad created some short-term goals for John. Those goals are to work on flexion and extension in both knees and to strengthen his legs. John’s long-term goals are to maintain an active healthy lifestyle and stay in good shape.
Working with Eric in Physical Therapy and coming to the fitness center post-surgery provided success for John. His flexion and extension has improved, leg strength is continuing to improve and he now alternates strength training and aerobic exercises using exercises recommended by Eric.
Bellin Health Fitness has played a huge role in John’s success. The fitness center is close and convenient for him. It has the exercise equipment and strength training equipment he needed, plus physical therapy and training expertise as well. He tries to work out 6 days a week. He has gotten to know the morning group here and the social interaction is fun! Bellin physical therapy has also been a tremendous help in rehabbing his new knees.
John is very pleased with his knee replacements and enjoys not having the arthritic pain and joint stiffness. He is excited about the new capabilities and activities that are possible. He continues to believe, “Being healthy and having discipline for exercise improves your energy, attitude, and the results of your annual physical.”
John’s advice to others is, “Stay committed to good health. Make exercise and good nutrition a part of your life. Mix things up and have fun with healthy activities. A trainer or a friend may be needed to get you started and help you stick with it.”