As a reminder we have updated our masking and cleaning policies, please be aware of these changes.

  • Temperature checks and masking required when entering the building
  • Masking required during entire workout in our facilities
  • Specific sanitizing of all equipment required

If you have any questions feel free to call one of our centers or discuss with one of our staff.

Karen Clark

Karen Clark

Meet Karen! Karen has been working with Liza for over a year. She was connected to Liza after being referred into our cancer wellness program. She went through the 6-month program and then decided to continue her individualized personal training sessions by purchasing more sessions. She is also a member of the facility. She enjoys coming early for her sessions with Liza to do her warm up and her own routine before they begin. Her husband also began training with Liza so she plans to utilize her membership while he is doing his training sessions.
Karen enjoys her time with Liza. She feels she wouldn’t be as far along on her fitness journey if she hadn’t met Liza. Her and Liza clicked right from the start. Coming to the fitness center consistently and getting to socialize with Liza during her sessions have improved her spirits during her treatment.
One day, Karen was explaining to Liza that she had hip pain. She explained to Liza there were numerous times that she had fallen off horses in the past and she believed that one of the issues never healed properly, leaving some pain. That’s all it took. Liza instantly began asking more questions about her history with horseback riding. Karen began to explain that 30 years ago, when she moved to Green Bay, she heard her neighbor talking about horseback riding and it caught her interest. She questioned her neighbor on how she could get involved. From that point on, she took her daughter to the stable to ride horses as she grew up. It was something they loved to do together. They created so many memories at the stable together and they even owned horses up until 10 years ago. Karen explained to Liza how much she missed being around the horses and that it was her dream to get around horses again.
After Liza heard this, she contacted Diane Schnell, a friend of hers that she coached cross country with, who owns Blue Royal Stable. Liza remembered Diane explaining to her while they were riding on the bus together to go to a cross country meet, that she would love to offer her stable to individuals going through hospice care. When Liza heard about how much Karen missed being around the horses and how significant they are to Karen, Liza took action! She asked Diane if her client could visit the horses and Diane readily agreed to make that happen.
Karen went in to the experience thinking she was only going to be able to be around the horses and the smell, as well as maybe brush them. When she got there, she was able to do all that and RIDE a horse. It had been almost 5 years since she was able to do this. It was special for Karen because it brought back a lot of memories. Although it wasn’t physically easy for Karen, Diane made sure she was safe the whole time. Karen mentioned the most challenging part was trying to get her right leg on the horse as she’s experiencing some swelling due to the cancer. In conjunction with Karen’s cancer navigator, Liza helped connect Karen to Bellin’s physical therapy department to help address the swelling in her legs. Physical Therapy is definitely helping keep the swelling down. Karen mentioned all the core strengthening exercises she has been working on with Liza definitely helped her be successful with getting on the horse and feeling safe and stable while riding.
Karen said she will definitely return to the stable. She is so excited that Liza was able to make this connection for her. As luck would have it, Karen will be able to return the favor to Diane for letting her visit the stables and ride. Karen has been looking for a good place to donate all her tack (saddle pads, reins, blankets, etc.). Karen will be donating all her stuff to Diane’s stable. It’s amazing how one small connection that occurs during a personal training session can turn into much more. Great work Karen and we are so happy you were able to reconnect with a great passion in your life.
*Blue Royal Stable is not a therapeutic facility. It is a boarding and training facility that offers lessons, parties and special horse time and instruction to people of all ages. If interested in therapeutic facilities, Shawano County has a therapeutic riding center called Red River Riders.