Coronavirus Update
In an effort to help reduce community spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), a decision was made to close both Bellin Health Fitness Centers in Green Bay (Bellevue and Ashwaubenon), the Bond Community Center (Oconto) and the Athletic Performance Center (Titletown) until further notice.

Kathy Schleis

Kathy’s journey all started from her motivation to become a healthier person and to participate in regular structured exercise.  Before this, it was hard for Kathy to make time for exercise and eating healthy.  So, after getting her Health Assessment back, she decided to join the W.O.W. (Works on Wellness) program at Bellin Fitness.  The W.O.W. program provided Kathy with the variety and structure she was looking for in a fitness program.

For Kathy, exercise is now built into her schedule and she makes time for it every day.  “I’m more active, I lost weight and I’m drinking more water” said Kathy.

Kathy had some great advice and words of encouragement for others that might be in the same situation she once was.  She said, “Start small, take advantage of the resources Bellin provides.  Don’t think of what you have not accomplished; but appreciate the small wins.  We often are harder on ourselves.  Something is better than nothing.”