Coronavirus Update
In an effort to help reduce community spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), a decision was made to close both Bellin Health Fitness Centers in Green Bay (Bellevue and Ashwaubenon), the Bond Community Center (Oconto) and the Athletic Performance Center (Titletown) until further notice.

Mark Fuss

Mark got his motivation to make a lifestyle change after he was denied the gold package for his insurance plan because his blood pressure and triglycerides were elevated along with being overweight.  Mark felt he was limited in his capacity to engage in activities he enjoyed in the past because of his decreased range of motion and loss of strength.

Bellin Fitness Center gave Mark options that got him on the right track to making the lifestyle change he wanted.  He decided to go get a Bellin Fitness personal trainer.  Even now, 7 years later, Mark claims that getting himself a personal trainer at Bellin Fitness was the best and most important decision he could have made.  Along with his personal trainer, Mark also attended the W.O.W. (Works on Wellness) classes here at Bellin.

Mark says he now has core strength he has not had in 15 years.  His cardiorespiratory fitness, and overall strength in his knees and shoulders has all increased.  He also has seen improvement in his flexibility and range of motion.  Mark says he would have never worked out as hard as he did without his personal trainer there to push him; and for that he is thankful.

Mark recommends a Bellin Fitness personal trainer for anyone looking for that little extra boost to get in shape.   “No matter the cost, because your life is worth more than what you will spend on a trainer and you will probably continue to work out because you have the knowledge and tools to set your goals and reach them because of your trainer.  Thanks again Maggie, you are a game changer, the number of drops of sweat that you have seen hit the floor training me, is like gold, and worth more than any dollar I’ve spent training with you.”