As a reminder we have updated our masking and cleaning policies, please be aware of these changes.

  • Temperature checks and masking required when entering the building
  • Masking required during entire workout in our facilities
  • Specific sanitizing of all equipment required

If you have any questions feel free to call one of our centers or discuss with one of our staff.

Mary Ann Jacobs

Mary Ann Jacobs

Mary Ann is a retired reading specialist and classroom teacher. She has a family four, husband Bill, and two children, Andrew and Alicia. Mary Ann enjoys spending time with family, gardening, volunteering at church, history, reading, and genealogy in her free time.
For 18 and a half years she has been coming to Bellin Fitness. What got her started was when she was reading about the importance of various types of exercise as we get older. A friend was doing an at home program, but Mary Ann found help through one of our instructors, Ireta. Ireta soon helped Mary Ann come to the conclusion that she would not be successful with an at home program and Ireta suggested she start with a personal trainer, so she did. Since then she has worked with trainers on and off and takes group fitness classes. She has had better energy, mental well-being, better role as a caregiver, helped her get through breast cancer therapies, and two total knee replacements. Mary Ann’s biggest obstacle she had to over come was getting her exercise down as a continuous habit. Once that happened, she realized she felt incomplete if she had to miss an day exercising.
Bellin Fitness played a big role in helping Mary Ann achieve these goals. “Bellin’s Fitness staff are knowledgeable and know what they are talking about. They are constantly being trained themselves, including dealing with medical issues.” Mary Ann still has goals to work towards such as increasing endurance level, flexibility and balance.
Mary Ann’s advice to others is that as we get older, we keep moving. We keep working on endurance, flexibility, and balance which helps us stay healthier longer. She says to talk with your doctor and members of the fitness staff to see what approach they think will best fit your needs, and go from there!