As a reminder we have updated our masking and cleaning policies, please be aware of these changes.

  • Temperature checks and masking required when entering the building
  • Masking required during entire workout in our facilities
  • Specific sanitizing of all equipment required

If you have any questions feel free to call one of our centers or discuss with one of our staff.

Mike Loch

Mike Loch

Say hello to Mike Loch! Whenever you ask him how he’s doing his response is, “Finer than a frog’s hair on a wooden leg.” Makes me laugh every time. Mike shares his life with his wife Shirley and their two sons and four grandsons. He enjoys going up north and his favorite place of business is the tavern.

Mike has been a Bellin Fitness member since October 2016. His original goal was to be able to walk again on his own or with a cane because he was beginning to feel depressed thinking he wasn’t going to be able to ever walk again. The good news is…he reached his goal and graduated from using a walker to walking with a cane. The not so good news is…he stopped coming to Bellin Fitness last summer and tried keeping up with his exercises on his own but lost all of his headway.

His original motivation to begin his journey was orders from Dr. Schave as well as the continuous encouragement from his physical therapist, Laura Prouty. Laura started Mike out at the “bottom of the barrel” that’s why he liked her so much. He wanted to quit so many times but she never gave up on him. His newfound will to never give up brought Mike back into Bellin Fitness to start again from the bottom. He was determined to walk better, hopefully without a cane, and to be able to do stairs.

The obstacle that Mike had to overcome was his fear of falling. Rightfully so because not only did he have to get 17 stitches from a fall but he also took a spill while trying to walk on the treadmill. However, Mike bounced back from his falls and learned that he had to get over his fear to be able to reach his goals.

Bellin Fitness played a major role in helping Mike time after time. He has been personal training with Liz Standiford who continues to work diligently with him twice a week. Liz started out slow with Mike to build up his leg strength by having him walk with the assistance of ballet bars until he got stronger. Mike has recently advanced to trying the stairs, doing a few at a time to start. Now, after a lot of hard work, he can go all the way up and down…three times! That’s what I call progress!!

When I asked Mike, how has your life changed, he replied, “I have more confidence and I know I can do things by myself now.” He is more mobile, feels safer and his fears have lessened. His big turnaround is doing the three exercises that Liz gave him for homework…no matter where he is…even the tavern.

The advice that he has for others is to have a really good relationship with your physical therapist and personal trainer, to listen to them and to trust their knowledge. He also stated, “Don’t be afraid to try new things but make sure you have the right person helping you. Without Liz, I wouldn’t be where I am today!”