As a reminder we have updated our masking and cleaning policies, please be aware of these changes.

  • Temperature checks and masking required when entering the building
  • Masking required during entire workout in our facilities
  • Specific sanitizing of all equipment required

If you have any questions feel free to call one of our centers or discuss with one of our staff.

Sandy Vanden Boomen

Sandy Vanden Boomen

Meet Sandy! Sandy (76) is a widow with two daughters, 3 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. Sandy and her daughters’ favorite thing is their girls weekend in Door County every June! They love to shop together. Outside of the fitness center Sandy always stays active-walking, shopping, gardening, and riding her bike are just some of her favorite ways of doing this. She loves traveling and reading as well.

The obstacle that Sandy has had to overcome is battling Type I diabetes and she has been battling it for 58 years. She monitors her blood sugar levels very closely by wearing an insulin pump and a blood glucose meter. It can be challenging at times to control her blood sugar levels but she realizes the importance exercise has on stabilizing her blood sugar levels.

Bellin Health Fitness has helped Sandy by giving her the motivation she needs to stay active. Sandy’s goal is to continue exercising at least three times per week. Another way that Bellin has helped Sandy is the fact that she has made new connections to so many new people.  She connects with other members, the fitness staff, as well as engages in the programs offered. After losing her husband after 50 years, she found the widow life to be very difficult. This gives her even more of a reason to continue coming to Bellin.

Life with diabetes has definitely changed Sandy’s life.  This change included staying active and healthy a priority for Sandy to be able to continue her annual trip to Door County and manage her diabetes.  She wants to spread the message to “stay fit, meet new people, and lead an active life!”