Meet Marsha Sommers! Marsha (57) lives with her sister, Bette Anderson. Not only do they live together but they work out together as well.  I love seeing the two of them come in…sometimes wearing the same color – which to me says great minds think alike and that they are part of the same team!

Marsha’s journey began when she decided she wanted to feel better and wanted to work on strengthening her legs, knees and core. Marsha also has a fused neck which limited the mobility of her right arm so she wanted to improve that as well.

The biggest obstacle that Marsha had to overcome was her own insecurities of coming to a gym. But no need to worry about that…everyone here at Bellin Health Fitness has made her feel welcome and wanted.  She in turn, has been friendly to everyone and is famous for bringing in treats for the staff!

Marsha started working with Abbey Sigl, certified Personal Trainer at Bellin Health Fitness right from the start. This is what Marsha had to say about her, “My wonderful Trainer Abbey has strengthened my core, given me inspiration and has pushed me to do more.”  Abbey stated that Marsha’s favorite workout “toys” are the battle ropes and the TRX straps…you go girl!  Abbey also had this to say about Marsha and her sister, “They are some of the hardest workers I have ever worked with.  Their dedication is unmatched.”

Training with Abbey has changed Marsha’s life a lot. It has helped her to stand longer without her back aching, she can lift her right arm over her head again and she feels so much better!

When asked, What advice would you give to help others? She said, “JUST DO IT. Get off the couch and try. It gets easier every day.”