This question inevitably gets asked to most of us runners at some point in our life.  Just like you are bound to hear “run Forest run” from a car window or your sarcastic friend say “why run if nobody is chasing you”.  These people will likely never understand why we run but lucky for us there are many people that do and their reasons for running are many and vary at great lengths.  This is what makes this sport unique and awesome all at one time.

So why do I run?

I run because it is something to do as an entire family.  I want my kids to see how activity needs to be a part of their life.

I run because I am competitive.  Whether I compare myself to my youth or the others in my age group it is always fun to see where I stack up from year to year.

I run because it clears my mind.  Give me a long run on Saturday morning and I will come back with the entire family’s weekend planned out in detail.  It gives me the time to think clearly and organize my thoughts.

I run for health.  I want to be active for a long time and running is just one of many activities that will help me stay active into old age.

I run because I have always enjoyed it.  Even as a kid I was fascinated with running and that continues today.  My job consists of helping others learn how to be better runners in every which way and that makes every day new and exciting.

I run with the community.  I have been very lucky to be able to coordinate training runs for the Bellin Run and the Bellin Women’s Half Marathon.  The Bellin Running Crew is what we call ourselves and it consists of some of the kindest and most loyal people that I know.  There is nothing better to see them week after week for training and to catch up at the local races to see how they have done.

I run to break barriers.  I was told at the age of 15 to “no longer run competitively” by a physical therapist.  I was told that I was a sprinter and that running college cross country was unlikely.  Thanks for the motivation because I have remained competitive well after my days of running in college.  I have learned a lot about myself because I am a runner.

I run because I like to buy new shoes.  Enough said about that.

I run for a lot of reasons but mainly because I am surrounded by like-minded people that all have the same passion.  Because of this we are all better, healthier people with a common goal of just getting out for a run.

Why do you run?  I bet a few of our answers are similar but I bet most of them are totally different.