Meet Diane Schlies! Diane (52) lives in Green Bay with her husband, Aaron, and she is a 6-year ovarian cancer survivor…way to fight the fight, Diane!  Her goal is to stay healthy and continue on the road to recovery.  Read Diane’s story and discover how she working through the fog and everything is becoming more clear and bright!

Diane’s journey began in 2010, when after having surgery at Bellin Hospital, she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She continued her care at the Bellin Cancer Team where the Oncology doctors, nurses and other staff worked together to decide what the BEST treatment plan was for her condition.

While going through chemotherapy treatments, Diane had side effects: brain fog, (cognitive dysfunction) and peripheral neuropathy. She continues to overcome these effects as well as other obstacles including weakness, loss of muscle tone, balance issues and not sleeping well. All of these obstacles have kept her from working and being able to drive.

The Bellin Cancer Team was amazing to Diane! She said, “They are angels with work clothes on.”  Diane was set up with two Bellin Fitness personal trainers, Tim Grell and Stephanie Koceja, to help improve her range of movement, strength, balance and increase her muscle mass.  Diane was also introduced to Sherri Kelley who teaches the Feldenkrais Method.  She attended six sessions but had to move on for a while and was happy to come back to class again in November 2014!

Diane stated that the Feldenkrais class is an amazing class for all ages, gender and conditions. She felt that even though class participants are at different levels of movement, Sherri is very careful to watch each member in class and makes sure that everyone moves within their comfort zone.  Diane also said, “Moving skeletally is great because we all need to move without pain!”

When asked, How has your life changed? Diane exclaimed that the Feldenkrais Method has changed her life for the BETTER!! The techniques that Sherri has taught her, have helped improve cognitive dysfunction…she is thinking more clearly, her balancing issues have improved and she is able to walk better on uneven ground when need be. Other changes in her life include being able to stay on task longer, sleep better as well as a new awareness of self-enthusiasm.  Moving skeletally was the best thing for her!  It even helped an eye issue.  A torn membrane behind her retina and now she doesn’t need surgery.

The advice that Diane would give to help others is to become the best version of yourself…she has!! She says, “Each of us is at a different stage of life”…She is happier now!  She says to join NOW for your overall health and it is GREAT!!


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